Blessing the table sat the likes of family, friends, neighbors and sometimes even neighborhood dopefiends. Here, all were welcome and all were equal. This was Sunday’s tradition — each week the same, so much so that it’s chronology was its ritual. On Sunday’s, Grandma’s table served as a safe space and bunker in the middle of the West Philly ghetto. The food had the ability to communize it’s participants and heal those who suffered. No matter the discussion, no matter the problem, no matter the chaos that lied outside the door, for the duration of Sunday’s meal and at Grandma’s table everyone was present and everyone was family.


Derrell Smith is a retired NFL player, executive producer, television host and Creator and CEO of 99EATS, LLC — A virtual culinary brand with a mission to spread Love through food, content and experiences.

Since starting the company in his small Washington Heights bedroom in 2016, 99EATS has catered hundreds of corporate offices and served thousands of meatballs all over and around New York City and northern New Jersey. Additionally, “AMAZEBALLS” has had stands in Smorgasburg and Barclays Center, and has even served the real Elmo a meatball hoagie at Sesame Place.